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Most individuals and entities alike are concerned with the products readily available for public consumption. Fortunately, certain government agencies also share such trepidations and have established various government agencies to serve as watchdog groups. One such agency is known as the Consumer Product Safety Commission, sometimes abbreviated simply as the CPSC.

The CPSC’s Function

The Commission’s primary responsibility is the regulation and oversight of products that could pose potential safety hazards to American citizens.

Specific Hazards The CPSC Identifies

Typically, any item that could precipitate some type of physical or health-related danger is of concern to the agency. However, the organization is specifically cautious about informing the public about possible dangers posed by products that could elicit fire hazards, electrical problems, chemical exposure and injury from mechanical malfunctions. Moreover, the agency demonstrates particular caution when identifying products that could potentially prove harmful to young people.

Actions Often Taken By The CPSC

The organization executes several pertinent actions. In addition to monitoring the production and manufacturing of potentially dangerous products, the CPSC receives complaints from concerned or injured consumers, investigates associated claims and, if the need arises, initiates product recalls that remove hazardous items from retail shelves.

The CPSC’s Product Safety-Enhancement Activities

The organization performs many functions designed to help ensure many items purchased by American consumers such as:

Promoting Legislation

  • The CPSC often works in conjunction with various industries to establish specific mandatory safety standards regarding production, manufacturing, transportation and safe-keeping or common products.

Conducting Research

  • The agency’s representatives typically engage in research studies designed to identify possible dangers and potential avoidance methods.

Initiating Product Bans

  • The CPSC must occasionally initiate permanent public bans on items that pose serious safety threats or ones that cannot be made less dangerous through redesign or the introduction of new safety implementations.

Continuing Education

  • Aside from initiating recalls, the organization is also charged with the responsibility of educating consumers on a continual basis. CPSC officials create public information initiatives designed to properly educate individuals on appropriate safety measures and author directions on the proper usage of products containing certain materials or that might pose potential hazards.

The CPSC Website

The agency operates a website known as This online domain offers consumers a public venue to obtain information regarding recent recalls, the specific products and product-producing companies, the reason such action was executed, the date the recall entered effect, the specific number of hazardous products involved and any potential remedies of the accompanying problem.