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As a law student, the internet is brimming with resources, however, where should you start? It is important to know what resources are credible. The following are the top 5 resources for students in law school.

Access Your Law School Library

As a law student, you have access to the greatest resources available, starting with the library of your law school. There are practically limitless resources within the library, as well as a professional and competent librarian staff to assist you in finding what you need. Do not be afraid to seek assistance. After all, there is still more knowledge to grasp.


While in law school, the law publications published are another excellent source of information. Numerous law journals, including specific or more broader topics, address contemporary legal concerns that compel a student to do more research. Do you want to understand more about a specific topic? Try contacting the student who wrote the journal; if the student is unable to assist, he or she will most likely be able to guide you in the correct place.

Law Blogs of the Wall Street Journal

Another trustworthy source for legal trends and major cases is the Wall Street Journal Law Blog. It is updated multiple times a day with new articles. Each article provides a snapshot of what’s happening in the legal world at any moment. It is well worth reading for students interested in pursuing a legal career.

Law School Toolbox

This toolbox is useful in assisting law students in effectively navigating their journey through law school. Law School 101 is a collection of informative entries compiled by the site’s editors. This blog is updated many times every day with pertinent information. So, searching via the archives will yield a wealth of information.

American Lawyer

American Lawyer contains a group of editorials as well as articles that keep readers informed about current legal issues in the United States. Law students will be able to read real life stories as they unfold. They will also have access to a monthly magazine that serves as a compilation of current legal issues in the United States. As a law student, either of these publications is a fantastic resource.