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Are you considering getting into law school? Do you dream of being a part of one of the most challenging yet rewarding professions that will make you stand out wherever you go? A career in law would undoubtedly put you wherever you dream of being in life – from the magic circle of law firms to the boardrooms of investment banks and international organizations.

However, the journey to this point is not one that anyone can undertake. Here is a simplified guide of the four vital tips you need to know to increase your chances of getting into law school and becoming a lawyer.

Tip 1: Get early experience

Your journey to law school should begin now, wherever you are. When you set your mind to becoming a professional in the legal field, start by living it. Try to get real-life experience of working in a law office, interact with practicing lawyers, and read any materials you come across that a qualified law school student should learn. These may include following the lawyers you admire on social media, subscribing to law publications, and volunteering as a paralegal or law clerk whenever an opportunity presents itself.

Tip 2: Mind your grades

It will be extraordinarily difficult, even impossible, to get into law school without exceptional academic credentials. You cannot slack off on your college courses and expect to magically get accepted into your favorite school of law when you send your application. The most competitive schools choose only the most well-rounded students who have proved their desire to work harder than everyone else to succeed in their academic endeavors.

Tip 3: Choose the right law school

There is a common misconception that successful law practitioners are those that attend ivy schools such as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. The truth is, the most successful lawyers are those that excel in their respective college and pass the bar because they are passionate about their career. Your passion will flourish when you choose your favorite law school and get accepted. Take your time early enough to explore the various potential law schools you qualify for and prefer, then settle on one or two to which you can apply.

Tip 4: Be different. Be interesting

Most lawyers are known to be annoying people. You have to be different and exciting. Whether you get admitted into your favorite law school the traditional way, or you study law through unconventional routes, your application letter must be both motivating and creative. Professors understand that a background in legal matters is not the only prerequisite to becoming a great lawyer; do not be afraid to present alternative perspectives on your application.

If you have your mindset on a law career, then there can be nothing to prevent you from achieving it, even if you are majoring in Physics, Theology, or Art. The key is to set your mind on it and using these four tips as a springboard to getting accepted into law school.