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GM is currently battling several different lawsuits. Regardless, they claim that their ignition switches were not faulty to cause any crashes. In essence, the lawsuits began in 2014 when GM started to recall millions of vehicles due to ignition switch issues. The apparent flaw caused vehicles to slip from the “run” position. Subsequently, they cut engine powers, causing the vehicles to crash.


More Light into What Went Wrong


An ignition switch is a tool that starts a vehicle when the key is twisted. A faulty switch means that the detent plunger wasn’t made according to the specifications of the particular car it was installed in. When the key is struck accidentally when ignited, it causes the switch to slip to the ACC position. Every essential detail gets disabled, from the airbags, power steering, and anti-lock brake system. Correspondingly, it locks critical safety systems from working, and the driver loses control of the vehicle. Following these faults, GM is facing the following ignition switch lawsuits:


Personal Injury Lawsuits


Victims of the crashes and their families have filed complaints against GM for many wrongful crimes. In essence, the problems began in 2001, but the recall was dragged for thirteen years. GM is now facing personal injury lawsuits and compensation claims for vehicle depreciation.


Injury and Death Lawsuits


On top of personal injury claims for several victims, GM is facing injury and death lawsuits. Besides the close to $7 billion that they spent on several costs following the recall, they are still in the fight to claim that their switches had nothing to do with the injuries and deaths.


Nonetheless, GM understands the severe consequences that would arise when the cases are settled in court. For instance, a jury’s damage would be beyond the settlements that it is currently paying. The GM has opted to resolve most of the cases out of court to limit the amount of exposure they would get from the public. To date, it is still feeling the impact of the recall, evidently having parted with close to $2 billion in settlements and penalties.




GM’s troubles concerning lawsuits are not entirely over. In addition to the above suits, the automaker also faces wrongful death and class action lawsuits. The lawsuit allegations backing the cases are significant issues that GM won’t escape from easily. Crash victims are being advised to step out to understand their legal rights and take suitable actions to hold GM accountable for their actions.