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A law degree comes with a plethora of benefits. Becoming a lawyer help one build awareness of responsibilities and rights. Furthermore, lawyers possess important skills, such as critical and strategic thinking, reasoning, and the ability to analyze well. Many people attain a law degree in order to have a wider range of career options.


There are tons of alternative careers that are suitable for lawyers. Here are a few great options for anyone with a law degree looking to change vocations.


Public Relations


A great career option for lawyers is public relations. Since PR is all about building professional relationships lawyers are a perfect fit in this industry. There are large corporate firms and small agencies and the career allows public relations professionals to specialize in specific areas if they chose. For instance, if you’re a sports enthusiast, you could find a firm that represents athletes.




Being a professor can be exceptionally satisfying, especially if you’re a lawyer who wants to help others study law. Sometimes a law career can leave people feeling burnt-out or empathetic and teaching may be just what it takes to regain passion and focus for the industry. Inspiring the next generation of lawyers can add personal value to one’s life.




Advising clients is often a part of being a lawyer, which makes a career as a recruiter a great fit. The recruiting industry is filled with highly motivated, intelligent people who are skilled at networking. Legal recruitment is its own sector of the industry; one of many niche areas that recruiters can choose.




Individuals with law degrees are equipped with what it takes to handle the demanding career of management consulting. The work and the hours are very similar to those of lawyers and consulting takes place in many different businesses and industries. The high degree of analytical skills that lawyers require make them excellent candidates for consulting.


Other alternative careers for lawyers include investigation work, insurance roles, politics, and so much more.